Virtual Event, a new dimension of organizing memorable events

virtual event

At present, the situation of the spread of the COVID-19 virus causes people in society to adjust their lifestyle. Businesses that could not adapt in time have closed many businesses. Some businesses have adapted to go fully online. Because it can connect people at home to society.

‘Organizing an online event’ is therefore a way to create awareness. and reach the target group more clearly It’s similar to an activity that you used to do in real life. How can brands make this virtual event effective? Filled with interesting and attractive, today any i has gathered information to organize online events that will make the business successful. Let’s leave it to everyone.

Getting to know Virtual Events

Virtual Event is an activity organized. so that people can do activities or interacting together In online areas on various platforms instead of organizing activities in real places, the form of a virtual event can be applied in a variety of business ways.

which can simulate a virtual environment as if entering the real work site The event must be designed to be suitable, comprehensive and diverse, such as organizing concerts. Organization of seminars of the company Arranging a virtual space for working together in the organization, etc.

5 ways to make your business successful with Virtual Event

1. Create an atmosphere of activities suitable for the event.

Whether organizing a concert or an online event An interesting online event method is needed. Find a way to attract the right target audience. and design the event to suit the participants Emphasis on creating excitement make an impression when attending the event And should choose to use media that everyone can easily understand, such as live streaming, often used in seminars, concerts and/or festivals that can record images. and broadcast simultaneously in real time, etc.

2. Get participants involved in the event.

Activities on the screen or online channels An activity should not be performed just by reading the task script. Because it often makes the participants feel bored. Opinions should be exchanged. Discuss with the participants may make the work more colorful And more easily accessible, such as seminars in the form of Webinars, where participants will be able to ask and answer questions freely with the speakers, etc.

3. Easy access to everyone

Participants should be surveyed for their behavior. and what kind of accessibility in order to be able to choose the appropriate channel for organizing activities Should choose a method that is easy to access. convenient to use It should not be complicated and most importantly, the media used must be stable. Whether it’s a sound system, a visual system, you should test the system before actually using it.

4. Make a memorable difference

Use interesting media or innovations that can simulate a virtual environment, such as VR (Virtual Reality) technology that can simulate a virtual environment Or AR (Augmented Reality) technology can simulate a 3D environment to add excitement to the participants, etc. Although creating online events to be as accessible as real-life events can be challenging.

Organizers should promote different advantages of a virtual event to attendees such as convenience, accessibility, congestion, etc. if the event is well planned. to impress It will be an opportunity to generate word of mouth. without having to do any additional marketing

5. Business adaptation to a hybrid system

In the future, the epidemic situation in society may improve accordingly. But believes that organizing a hybrid event (Hybrid Event), which means organizing an event that combines online and offline will continue to go hand in hand Because it makes it possible to reach more people all over the world.

What businesses should do next is to find ways to develop more hybrid systems. in creating and designing activities to be fully interesting on both channels It is important to spend time researching to evaluate a platform. To prepare to support event attendees for maximum efficiency.

What businesses will benefit from organizing a virtual event

When it’s an online event system making it possible to access business wherever they are and access online events worldwide This is an alternative for participants who may have travel obstacles. You can set the duration of the event freely to start. or quit work at any time Including increasing the Reach or visibility of the media. making it a channel promotion in itself And it also helps to reduce the cost of the venue as well.


Virtual Events in the dimension of doing business are becoming very interesting. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, business needs to move on. How to arrange an event by applying technology is the answer. That will make it possible to reach a group of people quickly, so in the future, what the organizers must consider And further development is to change the format of the event to be in the form of a hybrid (Hybrid Event) that can organize events online.

Mix and match with offline formats. which will make your business grow not only in the country but will have the opportunity to grow on the world stage as well