Layan Beach

Anantara Residence Villa – Phuket – Thailand
One of our challenging events. We had planned from initial to completion with program, entertainment, decorations, themed set up, games, team building, production, and lights and sound system

The Exclusive Birthday Party was at Anantara Residence Private Villa. We had covered the pool area and turned to the stage for the shows. The decorations were set up in front of the pool area.

We have planned to start work with the stage setup and follow with lights and sound system. The decoration team started to set up after lunchtime. The rehearsal will be in the late afternoon between the performers and the lights & AV system team.

To do good events we must have a good plan with a good team with high responsibility, know-how, and on time.

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We always give attention to the small details of the whole image venue decorations. The chairs, and catering equipment have to do right and match with themed setup.

We have a professional team who are responsible for decorations, backstage, shows, lights, and sound. We work on the schedule and rehearsal plan following the rundown. These are important matters and avoid all errors.