The wedding ceremony and reception were held in the private Villa called Villa Aye where one of the most famous wedding ceremony venue

We have decorated the wedding ceremony venue and turned it into reception dining tables. During the ceremony, we could see the storm coming, and we had to move the dining tables from outside to inside instead, our team had to work against the clock to finish. Finally, everyone takes a seat and enjoys the dinner party.

The couple, friends and family are from the UK, they love Thailand and were enjoying the party. We have provided the full Catering and Beverage setup services through the night. We have spoken to the guests to ensure that they are satisfied with our services and happy with the atmosphere.

Our team looked after every detail and take care of everyone during the party or event the party finished. We give a warm welcome and feel as if they are our family. The most important to make the wedding a remarkable memory for everyone.

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We had planned about 6 months before the wedding date, the couple live in Dubai so there was not a problem with communication.

Every moment was so romantic, the music background the DJ and the weather made the wedding perfect. This is one of our beautiful memories.