3 things to know before holding a hybrid event to be successful

hybrid event

creating an experience that impresses attendees This is considered an important factor in making the event more successful. Currently, many businesses have begun to adapt not only to organize events in an offline format. or only online But both channels have been brought together, known as a ‘Hybrid Event’ today, so any i brings information about 3 things you need to know before organizing a Hybrid Event to make the event successful. Let’s leave everyone together.

3 things to know before organizing a hybrid event

Hybrid Event is a form of organizing activities that are both offline. (Participation at the actual location) and online (viewing through the platform) to be used within the event so that the audience can access the experience equally. The 3 things you need to know before organizing a Hybrid Event are as follows.

1. Create gimmicks in the event to attract attention. and create a good experience

Organizing events in a hybrid format The interest of the event is something that can attract visitors that the organizer should give importance to whether it is

  • Offline work, the creation of an activity format or arrangement of various elements such as lighting, color and sound of the stage. can be part of creating excitement
  • Online work, bringing various devices to support live streaming (Live Streaming) so that participants can watch And experience the experience of joining the event covering all platforms.

These can help participants have a good experience of attending the event. or visiting different points within the event when the overall picture of both forms of work came out impressive will help create a good image Having a positive brand attitude is an essential part of any successful event. Including also causing word-of-mouth And mention in the future has increased as well

2. Organizing a hybrid event must give equal importance to both offline and online forms.

Organizing a Hybrid Event should weigh the importance of offline formats. and online equally So that people who visit live events (Live Event) or those who are watching live broadcasts in different places get a good viewing experience like inside the event. Whether it is a presentation of products and services, conferences, or exchanges of ideas, a hybrid event can provide experiences in many dimensions.

Participants can choose how they want to watch. Although receiving messages online may not feel like coming to the actual site. But it can benefit the audience, so every time there is a plan for organizing a hybrid event, the organizer should have a team of professional organizers (Organizer) to take control. Systematic form of work And make work come out more efficient

3. Design events to engage audiences. Answer the questions in both ways.

Arranging activities to engage audiences with the event. It is another thing that creates more positive experiences. By organizing a hybrid event, attendees can choose to visit both offline and online formats, so the event must take into account. User experience is important.

Organizers should plan the format of activities within the event so that both channels can create a common experience effectively, such as using the Main Stage as a link between the two formats through live broadcasts for the audience. Participants can watch activities on stage, whether it is Q&A, expressing opinions. Or join in the fun with various online activities, etc.

Why is Hybrid Event so hot nowadays?

  • With the nature of the event that is combined in offline and online formats, it can meet the needs and facilitate both the audience and the organizers.
  • The online format saves travel costs for attendees. It also makes it more convenient for organizers to control the number of attendees offline.
  • Create a variety of viewing experiences, whether it’s on-site viewing or through online platforms. That increases the reach of more people.
  • Increase the opportunity to communicate with new customers. and expanding the market base to be more wide Due to the form of work that has used online media as part of the work Able to distribute news to a wider audience Therefore, it is the part that allows the hybrid event to attract new customers.
  • Use a variety of technologies, be it live broadcasts or stage lighting systems. This can help grab the attention of the attendees.

Examples of interesting hybrid events

1. Apple Event

The Apple brand’s global launch event is one of the events that attracts the attention of people from all over the world. Due to the format of the event that can promote new products and services through Live Streaming so that the audience can experience together. Whether opening the product Demonstration of new functionality which allows the audience to enjoy the live broadcast on stage is another brand that successfully organizes a hybrid event.

2. Riot Games Esports 2022

One of the hybrid events. Something to keep an eye on every year is Riot Games Esports, a world-class e-sports competition from a giant company like Riot, in which the event has many activities, whether it’s a competition or an opening concert with invited guests. It features world-famous artists like Lil Nas X and Jackson Wang, and has also been broadcast live on online platforms for people to watch and enjoy the experience all over the world. It is another event that is a good example of organizing a hybrid event.


Organizing events in the form of Hybrid Events is another new option that can create success for various business groups as it is an event that has both offline and online forms. will come out effective Organizers should be ready to prepare different parts to reduce the chance of problems. or error Whether it is a Live Streaming system or other components within the event that will help provide a good experience for the participants.

In addition, organizing the event in a hybrid format also helps to reduce the gap in terms of location. and travel restrictions By using online platforms to participate in the event Help increase the opportunity to expand the customer base. Or people who are interested in more products and services can build a positive reputation from the success of organizing corporate events as well.