Let’s get to know about event marketing together. how important

event marketing

To get a clear picture of Event Marketing, imagine an Expo such as a Motor Show with a large number of booths selling products or a food supplement business that organizes seminars. Including inviting celebrities to be Speakers Why do many brands pay attention to this strategy? And how can organizing an event enhance a brand’s image?

In this article, any i has compiled information for you to use in event marketing even more. So that brands can plan strategies that will generate future growth.

What is Event Marketing?

Event Marketing or marketing communication through activities by using promotional strategies focused on organizing some activities For customers to try products and services directly Organizing events can be online or offline, such as seminars, trade shows. or livestream In which each job will have the purpose of the job. target group and different content Event planning is therefore important. to be able to pull the identity of the brand and create a positive memory for the target group

How important is Event Marketing in image promotion?

brand image It is another factor that affects consumers’ purchasing decisions. According to EventMarketingInstitute’s 2016 report, 84 percent of event attendees After completing their work “Have more positive feelings or attitudes towards the brand”. Event organizing is considered an important tool to promote a good brand image.

1. Promote the brand’s image to be reliable.

The heart of brand credibility is to provide detailed information about products and services, whether basic information, features, or how the product works. Giving customers useful information will have a positive impact on the brand. But how to make the target audience get the value of

All activities we want to communicate. Organizing events is therefore an important tool that allows us to provide complete information to customers, such as organizing product launches. Of course, the whole area of the event is the communication of products and services mainly. Participating in the Expo, the trade show, is an additional communication channel for the target group. face to face as well And if in the event the brand owner participates in talking about the product or the history as well, it will help promote the brand’s image to have more credibility.

2. Opportunities for brands to show leadership in their respective areas.

Seminar It is another form of specialized knowledge. In which brands can provide knowledge in the areas that are relevant to the brand. By inviting knowledgeable people who have expertise in that field to be a speaker, for example Facial cream that has the ability to reduce wrinkles. and has invited experts in anti-aging medicine to talk to educate and increase leadership When customers want to buy products with the same features will think of our brand’s products first because they are reliable and knowledgable in that area.

This is not limited to seminars only. But can also be adapted with other tasks such as being a sponsor (Sponsor) in various events, also creating a leadership image for the brand by being a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) or doing activities for society. as well

3. Make your brand stand out See life with interactive technology.

Event marketing communications can make attendees engage with the brand. In addition to playing games, answering questions or randomly drawing prizes There are also event formats that use interactive technology to interact with users as well. This is considered to promote the interaction of the target group with the brand as well, such as creating experiences for emotional and emotional perception with technology as a medium, creating memorable images, creating colors for the brand.

By doing various activities for the target group to participate. to create the most brand involvement such as playing activities through VR (Virtual Reality) technology and AR (Augmented Reality) technology that uses interaction through the software operation system for participants to see Or touching a virtual object will help create a good interaction. And lead to a positive image for the brand itself.

Why should brands care about Event Marketing?

Event Marketing is a marketing tool that can be linked to many sales benefits, such as building a well-known brand identity. increase in sales customer database retention By registering or email to receive special privileges If the brand can collect this information. will be able to increase opportunities and create more competitive advantages, in addition to Event Marketing will help create a good image Event marketing strategies can also build brand loyalty for businesses in the future.


Event Marketing is the use of promotional strategies. focused on organizing some activities So that customers can try products and services directly, can be done either online or offline. Events are very important in promoting brand image which is the basis for a brand to be successful. both reliability leadership Including the use of technology to help create positive interactions with customers. It can be considered as a strategy that can create a more outstanding image for the business.